The weather in Lebanon has been quite rough these past few days. If you have WhatsApp, you've already been bombarded with photos and videos of cars covered with water and bridges in ruins - most of which are either fake or did not take place in Lebanon.

But for the disasters that did actually happen, they show how beautifully crafted the infrastructure is around here ... causing expensive damages for the government to take care of after #Norma leaves. Yes, they called it Norma. 

Avoiding all the overflooded roads of Dbayeh, Ain El-Mreisseh, and any tunnel you could think of, take a look at the funny floods Lebanese have caused on Twitter.

Some people are off, others not so lucky

"Our neighbor is going down the stairs with her high heels early morning! Think of the poor teacher living below you who is off."

"If I don't tweet from now till the afternoon, I would be literally frozen"

The hate and envy are real

This gif speaks to all working forces today

Girl, Boy?

"We need two summers to warm up again"

Yes, be careful of Jeser El Cola

"Cola bridge stands in solidarity with Jezzine waterfall."

Stitch it up

It's THAT cold, yes

A "lost and found" department to be open at the end of the storm

"Whoever has lost a reservoir cover with 'Toufik+Hanan = Forever love' written on it, I now have it."

I'm telling you, a whole department

"Who does this Picanto on my balcony belong to?"

"When your mother sends you out to buy bread"

The weather is so bad not even a house visit to your neighbor is worth it

"We refrain from welcoming guests into our home these few days, our laundry is drying on the couches."

"Norma" does not suit this level of cold

"This isn't 'Norma,' this is 'Deebeh.'"

No need to relocate anymore

"My house finally overlooks the sea."

Where's my cup of tea?

"We like the kind of winter when we sit at home next to the heater, wrapped in a blanket watching TV with a cup of tea ... not the kind when we go to university/work, freeze to death, get sick, and have strong winds transporting us."

Let us not forget about the real heroes, though

"God protect our army"