Saudi Arabia contributed 75 percent – in monetary value – of the total official gifts given to the Obama administration in 2014, according to government records .

Gifts given by the kingdom to President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, the couple's daughters and other administration officials valued $2,566,525 out of $3,417,559 total last year. Moreover, Arab countries accounted for nearly $3 million of the total gifts' value, or 87 percent.

Particularly interesting is Saudi Arabia's apparent preference for watches and clocks as a gift of choice, leading us to wonder if the kingdom thinks the Obama administration should keep better track of time?

Here's a list of many pricey timepieces presented by Saudi Arabia:

To Obama …

Gold and silver men's wristwatch with leather band. Rec’d—1/14/ 2014. Est. Value—$18,240.00


48′′ gold-plated brass replica of the Makkah Clock Tower on marble base. Rec’d—3/28/ 2014. Est. Value—$57,000.00


White gold men's wristwatch with leather band Rec'd 4/152014. Est. Value—$67,000.00


To White House staff ...

Silver wristwatch with leather band. Rec’d—1/5/2014. Est. Value—$19,628.00


Black and silver wristwatch with leather band. Rec’d—3/28/ 2014. Est. Value—$1,900.00


3 white gold wristwatches with link bracelet. Rec’d—3/28/2014. Est. Value—$8,170.00 each


To Secretary of State John Kerry ...

Palm tree statue encrusted with various gemstones. Rolex men’s Yacht Master II watch . Rec’d—1/5/2014. Est. Value— $36,900.00


Rolex Oyster Perpetual men’s silver watch with black face. Rec’d—3/28/2014. Est. Value— $5,700.00


Gold Cartier men’s watch with white face and black Roman numerals. Rec’d—9/11/2014. Est. Value—$17,400.00


Many additional watches all valuing well over $1,000 were given to various other government officials. Michelle Obama and Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Secretary Kerry, also received thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

The number of watches and clocks given makes us wonder: Is Saudi Arabia trying to tell the US something with its choice of gifts?