We all know the daily struggle of finding or making the perfect hummus there is. More often than not, there is something missing, out of the ordinary, or just flat out wrong. You know for a fact your hummus doesn't taste right when ...

Oil is used as a substitute for tahini

oil instead of tahini

Or when the tahini used is just too much

too much tahini

& the excess amount of garlic turns your hummus into garlic paste

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When a dash of salt translates to a handful...

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And canned chickpeas are used instead of dry ones

canned chickpeas(1)

Or when the chickpeas are blended with their peel...


Even worse when canned lemon juice is used

anned lemon juice

When the olive oil used to garnish the hummus overfloats it

olive oil garnish

& spices other than cumin, including paprika & thyme, are used

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Various hummus flavors becomes a trend ... as if it's a good thing


Including pumpkin...

Or "roasted spinach and garlic"

...Green peas

& avocado ... what ever happened to guacamole?

Basically everything can be turned to hummus

But nothing will ever top the traditional hummus ... ever


& at the end of the day, you try to make it as good as possible ... because you just need your daily intake

content/uploads/2015/10/20151007 i tried

And to those who criticize...