After claiming that a rocket was fired from Palestine's Gaza strip towards Israel, the Israeli army launched a retaliatory attack, bombing what it said were "targets" in the besieged coastal enclave on Tuesday, Middle East Monitor reported. 

"Israel bombed two Hamas targets and an empty area in the center of Gaza following remarks by Israeli army spokesman Ovijaa Odraei who said a rocket was fired from Gaza."

Even though the attack caused damage to several buildings, "Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said no causalities were recorded."

The latest aggression left people shocked, given that it took place during Eid-El-Fitr, a period of time where people celebrate and mark the end of Ramadan. 

Anger on social media

As soon as news of the latest attack began circulating online, thousands took to social media expressing their anger and sadness over the Eid bombings via the hashtag: #غزه_تحت_القصف (Gaza Under Fire). 

Thousands asked the same question...

"Where's humanity?"

Many were angered...

And shocked

"I can't believe this is happening on Eid"

"To hell with this occupation and the terrifying sound of bombs we just woke up to"

"Just imagine it's 2 am, no electricity and your city is being bombed by a criminal state"

"Instead of watching Eid fireworks we see explosions"