We've all been told things when were kids that were simply untrue. Whether the little white lies our parents told us to get us to eat our veggies or a terrible myth told by other family members to make us stop doing something, we all grew up with weird and inaccurate beliefs.

Thanks to the twitterverse, people across the region are sharing their stories and the results are epic.

The irrational fear.

"If you eat tuna, you'll turn into a fish."

"If you set the fan up too high, it will chop our heads off."

"There's a room filled with mice at school."

"If you ever disobey your mother, you'll look like this."

The mean lies.

"I was told that one day, my parents opened the door and they found me on the steps and that was the story of how I was born."

"If you lie, your eyes will turn red."

"When you switch off the TV, the actors and actresses die."

"Leftover food will run after you and chase your on judgment day."

"If I cry or scream, I will turn black."

And the painful truths.

"It'll get better when you grow up."

"If a man sleeps next to a woman, she'll get pregnant. I didn't realize that needs a bit of work."

"When you grow up, you'll understand. Well, I am all grown up and I still don't understand."

And the plain weird lies.

"If I fall asleep with my hands under my face, they will be stuck forever."

"There's a witch on the school bus that eats the last little girl to get off."

"If your bite your nails, a tree will grow out of your ears."

This is the best one though.

"A pregnant woman gives birth through her knees."