Celebrity mother of the Kardashian clan Kris Jenner will touchdown in Dubai next week to make a big "international reveal."


The reality-show tycoon will be attending an exclusive VIP red carpet event with a television crew in tow on April 12, according to The National . Jenner is slated to make her big announcement at a press conference on April 17.

The information about Jenner's visit is scarce.


It's unclear whether Jenner will be alone or accompanied by others from the Kardashian dynasty. According to The National, the scant press release about her visit revealed little besides the promise of a big announcement.

So, what could the "reveal" possibly be?!?


Could it be a new Kardashian restaurant or store opening in the emirate?


Or a new reality show??


Or even a new Dubai-based reality show???


We're definitely on the edge of our seats waiting to find out ...