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Women across the Arab world have had enough with the sexism they're so often subjected to. 

Earlier this week, thousands of them shared their thoughts via a viral hashtag in which they hilariously, yet powerfully, trolled every prejudiced value they've had to live with. 

"Emulating men's rhetoric" saw women hit back at misogyny one epic tweet after the other. 

It all started when this hashtag broke Twitter

"Emulating men's rhetoric."

"Dear mothers and daughters, take care of men, your brothers and sons."

"Where are the men of this age headed? He wants to go out without asking his mom and sisters for permission. He goes to malls and cafes, he walks and travels without his family. Where's his religious faith? Where's his shame? What's this ill-mannered generation? Dear mothers and daughters, take care of men, your brothers and sons."

Ridiculous sexist ideologies were shut down

"Men taking up jobs is a cause for the destruction of society and family. It's also the reason behind the depletion of the ozone." 

One after the other

"Every woman with a disobedient husband should beat him up lightly, within the limits of sharia because beating tames men. If it doesn't work, she should leave him; but the best thing to do is take a second husband without asking him or telling him because that's her right. A man has to obey her in everything, it's his duty to do so even if he doesn't want to." 

"An example of the purity of a modest man who doesn't speak to girls and another who's loose."

The trolling was real

"A handsome man goes out wearing tight pants and walks in the street to attract women with his body and perfume and when we harass him, he gets angry and runs away pleading for help. This is outrageous, why go out and attract women in the first place?"

And that's an understatement

"If there wasn't anything wrong with you, your wife wouldn't have divorced you and married someone else." 

Arab women for the win

"You want to know the difference between a woman and a girl? Look at what her husband's wearing." 

"Is a man a human being?"

Sarcasm at its best

"Some guys go to malls and eat french fries. They seriously have no shame, where are their parents?"

"Girls, would you marry a doctor or someone who works in a mixed-gender office?"

Flip the roles and you get this

"If your wife cheated on you and committed adultery, advise her. Also take care of yourself and figure out what she couldn't find in you. Work on your beauty and wear perfume. Clean your house, stay quiet and peaceful, go into your cave silently and don't say anything to hurt her. An adulteress is sick so be her wise doctor. Don't divulge what she did. There you go, 20 pieces of advice to apply." 

"The rules should be applied"

"He has a cell phone and goes to college and claims he was abused"

"Respect our intelligence." 

"Some stupid men were duped by the west and are now asking for equality"