Living in the UAE can be challenging at times, especially for introverts who would rather be wrapped in blankets watching series than partying with people.

If you ought to stay at home to avoid any kind of human contact, you must at least have a good internet connection ... just for the stay-in to be enjoyable.

Here's how good internet saves the lives of introverts living in busy UAE:

Reason #1: No need to go out to exercise

The act of going to the gym and being around people takes more of your energy than actual gymming.

With steady home internet, you can skip the embarrassment of that yoga class and just stream it online from your own bedroom.

Reason #2: Avoiding parties on Friday nights becomes easy

Let's face it, parties are crowded and expensive ... and sometimes too wild for an introvert to handle. 

You have your own weekend ritual, and that is binge watching series till your family-sized popcorn bowl is empty.

Reason #3: Substitute family gatherings with video chat

Arab family gatherings are loud, long, and packed with relatives.

Summarize it all with one video call ... that way you can disappear after a few minutes and blame it on "the internet". 

Reason #4: Meet friends from the comfort of your home

Yes, your parents did warn you from befriending strangers ... but are fellow gamers really that different from you? 

Play your favorite online games and make friends without even brushing your teeth.

Reason #5: Restaurants mean interaction ... skip, skip, skip

There's nothing more entertaining than trying out online recipes and perfecting your cooking skills. No need to go out and interact with people. 

Reason #6: Overcrowded Malls? Nope

Get comfy with a cup of tea and shop online. With endless offers and discounts, you get everything delivered to your doorstep. 

Reason #7: Keep away from the office

With a good home internet plan, you can skip the whole "physically dealing with colleagues" and just do your calls and emails from home. 

That would definitely help once a month. 

Make the best of your time at home with du

The Dubai-based telecommunications company offers a wide range of internet packages for homes in the UAE.

Starting at 379 AED/month, each plan comes with a unique set of perks depending on your needs, including ultra-high internet speeds along with access to beIN and OSN.

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