You're born in a society of prejudice and meaningless high standards, the case of all young Arabs since the dawn of time. 

The elderly around you evaluate the worthiness of your existence based on your job, and nothing else ... which proves disappointing most of the time.  

Each field has a specific set of emotions and reactions to expect coming from Arab parents, neighbors, family members, and anyone who's a few years older than you. 

The "Chou btechteghil?" emotions change based on the answer, and here are a few examples: 

1. A filmmaker AKA "Bil Aflem"

Regardless of the many years and sleepless nights it took you to earn the title of "filmmaker," you're regarded by Arabs as a waste of Arab blood. 

"Kif bettalli3 masareh?" is somehow a popular question, along bewildered faces asking "where can I watch you on TV?" 

The irony is when you're actually good at what you do and get asked by family members to film their kids' graduation or wedding.

2. An engineer/architect/lawyer

The royalty, the crème de la crème of the whole society and your family; you're in power and empowered. 

Though you could be the stupidest person in the world, the fact that you studied any of these three majors makes you immune to negative comments. 

You might have been pressured by your lovely Arab parents, but since you chose one of these, you're good for life. 

3. A doctor/pharmacist

Being a doctor means you're treated just like your fellow engineer and architect, with all the praise and respect available in the Arab region.

You will, under all and any circumstances, be called "Doctor" ... even if you’re just a pre-med or pharmacy student or only studied BIO 201.

You are now the family's doctor, and will have phone calls showering you every time someone is sick.

4. Any field in advertising AKA "Shi bil di3ayet"

Source: Quora

You might live the rest of your life trying to explain to Arab elderly how you make money from advertisements, or even better, what digital advertising and online marketing are to begin with. 

If it's a major related to a TV set, then you're famous and will be expected to show in between Turkish series. If it's related to the internet, just stop explaining what you do because the web is still a mystery to most elderly. 

5. A journalist

There is a dark cloud hovering over this specific job. Most people will think you're off to war-zone countries to cover deaths and battles, while in fact you're behind a desk reporting on new restaurant openings around town.

When it comes to family gatherings, you're always the first to be asked "chou ra2yik/ak bl wade3?"

6. A teacher

Gender inequality is on top of the game when it comes to being a teacher. 

You see, it's quite simple and can be explained with a few words.

If you're a woman: You're working with kids as a practice for when you're a mother. You get all summer off and get to take care of your kids. Ahhh, the beauty of motherly instincts.

If you're a man: Why aren't you a doctor? Or an engineer?

7. Any field in business or banking

Source: Quote Master

Hmmm, how to keep it brief yet clear? 

Bank = building with lots of money in it = happy reactions from the Arab family.