Garbage...we hate it, but really that's only because we envy it.

Piles of rubbish wander the streets, sometimes they actually swim the streets, and we pass them by and we plug our noses and grimace. But it's high time we see them for who they really are. Tourists. Tourists who experience Lebanon's best views as they bask in the sunlight. Tourists of different colors, different sizes, one big happy family on a year-long trip (because that's how long you need to truly experience this tiny but naturally and culturally rich country).

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you...Le Tour de Garbâge.

1. Having a picnic by our lush greenery

With a view of the city behind, wow.

With a view of the city behind them.

2. Visiting the bustling Hamra Street

3. Stumbling home after a crazy night out

Go home drunk, you're trash.

4. For the hangover ... Uncle Deek coffee on our wonderful corniche.

Sunset at the beach: Paradise

Sunset at the beach: Paradise

5. Crowds gather for a view of our beautiful mountains

6. Beirut cityscape from Ain Anoub village ... I wonder if there's enough stink to go with it

7. ideal time for a swim. Why didn't we ever think of that?

8. Finally, there's nothing that attracts tourists like other tourists.

The river of trash.
The river of trash.

Please note that the above is a satirical piece and we are in no way condoning a trash crisis that poses a serious public health hazard. Rather, we are using humor to highlight the absurdity of this ongoing situation, to underscore its prevalence in different parts of the country, and its invasion of Lebanon's natural and urban landscape. Thank you.