The lavish and luxurious lifestyle that the Gulf affords may be comfortable but everyone needs to get away at least once in a while. Especially as the temperatures rise ahead of the stifling summer.

If you are looking for a short weekend escape this spring and want to keep within a budget, consider one of these three affordable European destinations. With the weak euro, there is no better time to visit Europe to take advantage of its more affordable prices.

We've priced flights from the Gulf, and are including budget food and Airbnb options – but all three of these cities are doable for $600 for a weekend getaway.

Athens, Greece

Flights: $355 to $430 roundtrip

Airbnb: $20 to $80 per night

Food: $5 to $10 per day

Spend a few days reveling in the ancient history and culture that permeate this Mediterranean city . From the Acropolis to island cruises to archaeological sites to stellar night life, Athens has something to offer for everyone. Whether you're a history buff, want to relax on the beach or party all night without breaking your bank, Greece is definitely thrilling and vibrant to offer. Make sure to try a gyro and drink some local ouzo.

Brussels, Belgium

Flights: $410 to $527

Airbnb: $16 to $70 per night

Food: $8 to $20 per day

Take the time to brush up on your French before departing for this Belgian city, unless your Flemish is up to par. The multicultural heritage of both Belgium and Europe's capital provides an exciting and vibrant getaway. A mesh of classic and modern architecture characterizes the diversity of this flourishing metropolis. Walk the European streets, visit the local museums or just take a breather in a restaurant or cafe. The most important thing is to relax on vacation and Brussels provides an idyllic background to do just that.

Belgrade, Serbia

Flights: $420 to $460 round trip

Airbnb: $20 to $50 per night

Food: $5 to $10 per day

Belgrade  showcases its unique history through Communist-era architecture, classic art nouveau facades and the remaining fragments of the Ottoman Empire's influence. Urban sprawl meets green city parks, with modern night life highlighting the cities vibrance. A literal translation of the city's name would be "White City" but Belgrade is anything but one plain color, with its contrasting styles and unique heritage showcased throughout the the city.