Emirates Cabin Crew and Pilots

StepFeed spoke to cabin crews from several UAE-based airlines, such as Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline, FlyDubai and Air Arabia, to get an insight into their dating life.

How hard can dating really be in the UAE? What are the most common issues faced by our solitary flight attendants and guardians of the skies?

1. Transient Population

"Here today, gone tomorrow," says Danielle, a Dubai resident and Emirates crew member, about her experience with dating in the UAE. 

"People who move to Dubai are often young and still have a lot of plans and dreams they want to pursue, before opting for a serious relationship. It's a dilemma: Would you give up the job you love to follow your partner or make a long-distance relationship work? That's always difficult!"

2. Trust!

"It's hard to trust someone completely," says Angeline, who works for AirArabia in Sharjah. 

"For example, there is really no way of finding out if the person you're dating is married or not. People come and go, and some reinvent [themselves] to whoever they would want to be."

3. The Residence Issue

"No foreigner can stay here forever," says Mariam, a flight attendant for Etihad Airways. 

"I was dating a Yemeni salesperson who had to leave the UAE due to his job loss. The only other option was to get married, but I wasn't ready. We had only known each other for a year by then."

4. Cultural Contrast

"So many nationalities, so many cultures, and so much pressure from the family," says Lucy, a senior member of the cabin crew at FlyDubai. 

"I was dating an Arab banker for 5 years before the relationship broke down, all because his family wouldn't accept me."

5. Too Many Playboys

"These boys aren't serious about long-term commitment," says Kelly, also a cabin crew at Emirates Airline. 

"For many, the UAE is just a playground to party and have fun. Even if you do end up liking someone very much, he might not have the same feelings towards you. Shallow and concerned mainly with superficial matters is what comes to my mind!"