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Owning a car has become a must for millions in the region who prefer driving their own vehicles over relying on public transportation. 

This is especially true when it comes to designers living in the UAE and practically can't live without their cars. 

StepFeed asked a few of them to detail why a vehicle is essential for both their work and personal life and here's what they told us: 

"Not having my own car would significantly affect my life"

Speaking to StepFeed, Dubai-based graphic designer Rita Mechedjian explained why driving her own car is essential to her work as a designer. 

"Not having my own car would significantly affect my life. It's more convenient to go to certain design areas in Dubai by car," she said. 

Mechedjian also explained how graphic designers often have to carry materials related to their projects, making owning a car important. 

When asked about the most important things she looks for in a car, the designer said, "A comfortable drive and a good cooling system." 

"I don't think I could get as much work done if I didn't drive my own car"

Abdallah, an Abu Dhabi-based fashion designer, explained to StepFeed how he practically wouldn't survive without his car. 

"I honestly don't know how I used to live before I started driving my own car. With the kind of work I do, it makes life so much easier. There are many days when I have to go visit tailors or look for fabrics or meet with clients and it helps so much that I can get myself to where I need to be. I don't think I could get as much work done if I didn't drive my own car," he said. 

"As a designer, I also feel having your own personal vehicle gives you a kind of freedom to explore new places and get inspiration. I often just go cruising in my car when I am stuck on a design and need some space," he added. 

When asked what are the most important things he looks for in a car, the young designer said, "Its size, as bigger cars are more practical for me, and its sound system, because I love listening to music while driving."

"Without a car, I would definitely not be able to be so free to roam around Dubai so easily"

In a statement to StepFeed, UAE-based graphic designer Lina Seed explained the conveniency of having her own vehicle. 

"Without a car, I would definitely not be able to be so free to roam around Dubai so easily. Of course there is a great public transport set up but it is so much easier to get in your car whenever you want," she said.

Seed added that owning a car in Dubai is essential to designers, specifically the ones working as freelancers, because they need to attend important meetings on time, "looking nice and fresh!"

When looking for a car to purchase, Seed said she first looks for a vehicle's size and modern look.

"Not having a car added a lot of expenses to my life"

Speaking to StepFeed, Lara, a young graphic designer based in Dubai, explained that owning a car ended up saving her loads of money on transportation. 

"When I first started in Dubai I didn’t have a car and I didn’t live next to a metro station. Not having a car added a lot of expenses to my life. Here you have big distances and the taxis aren’t cheap," she said.

"There are a lot of jobs I rejected due to transportation. Many times I ended up paying more for transportation than what I'd been originally paid. One of my latest jobs required me to go to Al Ain which is a one hour and a half drive from my house. That would've cost me more if I had to go back and forth in a taxi," she added.

When asked what she'd look for in a car before purchasing it, Lara explained, "I look for something affordable and maybe hybrid to save, as I have a lot of clients in Abu Dhabi and I keep going back and forth."

"Personally, I find living without a car in the UAE impossible"

Zain, a UAE fashion designer, told StepFeed how driving her own car changed her work life.

"Before I owned a car, I had to travel around by taxi since I don't live close to a metro station. It cost me a fortune because as a fashion designer I go around looking for materials and get invited to so many events," she said. 

"Driving my own car transformed my life, I feel so much more independent. Having to rely on someone to drive me around or pick things up for me was a huge problem," she added. 

When looking for a car to buy, Zain focuses on its interior and trunk. 

"A spacious trunk is a must because I am always running around with fabric and measuring tools. I also like comfortable interior seats and think they're a must," she explained.