Turkish chef Burak Özdemir

Turkish chef Burak Özdemir has come a long way since 2015 - the year he started working as the manager of Food & Beverage sector at Turkey's Hilton Garden Inn.

Since then, he has grown to become an incredible media personality whose influence on foodies around the world is unmatched. He is best known for having created a 40-inch kebab.

However, his impact hasn't stopped there. Over the years, the chef has released a series of videos in which he can be seen flipping massive Middle Eastern dishes - from knefeh to warak enab.

The videos have gone viral, reaching millions of people around the world - and this is probably due to the fact that Özdemir makes it look so easy.

So, we headed to Feras Sweets in Ras Al Khaimah and attempted to recreate one of Özdemir's most viral videos using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ ... and this is what happened:

Özdemir made us believe the kunafa "cheesy pull" was easy...

But, when we tried it, we realized it's an actual skill he's mastered!

Turns out, cheese is more delicate than we thought...

We couldn't even keep the cheese intact!

Özdemir, on the other hand, was able to stretch it out and reached the ceiling!

Expectations > Reality ... EVERY SINGLE TIME

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