A video showing the moment a four-wheeler tumbled down a sand dune in a Saudi Arabian dessert is doing the rounds on social media. 

In it, an SUV can be seen flipping and rolling down just as it nears the brow of the slope, amid the shock and horror of spectators. 

Looking closely at the video, a person can be seen jumping out of the vehicle right as it approaches the bottom. 

It is unclear whether anyone was injured in the horrific incident. 

The car was casually making its way to the top

When it suddenly comes to a halt

Flipping over and rolling downhill

It's beyond terrifying. We hope all those in the vehicle came out uninjured.

This wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened

The kingdom has had a number of accidents - 526,000 annually according to data compiled in 2016 - due to irresponsible driving. 

Drifting, in particular, has been a major cause of deaths on the road in the kingdom. 

To combat the dangerous trend, the Saudi cabinet increased traffic fines and prison terms for violators back in August. 

First time drifters now receive a 20,000 riyal fine and will be referred to a court. The vehicle will also be impounded for 15 days. 

A repeat offender will have to pay a 40,000 riyal fine and will be referred to a court. The vehicle will be impounded for one month. 

A third-time offender will pay a 60,000 riyal fine and will have his vehicle confiscated.