Last week, a Saudi father was arrested for attempting to publicly murder his newborn son in Dhibaa Governorate, according to the Saudi Gazette.

The regional news outlet reports that the man entered the courtyard of Al-Muwailih school with his newborn son and a blade in his hand. He laid down his son on the courtyard’s floor, raising his blade in an attempt to slaughter him.

According to reports, the man was heard screaming out that he will slaughter his son as that is what his "inner voice" was telling him to do. The teachers at the school, students, and staff were horrified by the sight they were witnessing and immediately interfered to save the newborn.

Mohammad Al Tamimi, Director-General of the Tabuk police force, said the incident was reported to the police and they immediately responded taking in the newborn and giving him back to his mother.

The perpetrator was arrested following the incident and is currently undergoing medical examinations to determine whether he has any mental illnesses.

"The father has been previously arrested and he was diagnosed with mental issues. The Governor of Tabuk Province, Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, supervised the incident and ordered a full sociological and psychological report of the state of the entire family of the newborn", Al Tamimi added.

Watch the shocking footage below:

Following the shocking incident, the school’s Principal, Wael Al Aqbi, said that the school was well-guarded and sealed but the father somehow managed to get through one of the corners where construction was still  in progress.

"I told the teachers and staff to try to pull him away from the newborn while I report the incident to the police. They surrounded him throwing their shemagh and egaal at him. The father started to get dizzy and lost consciousness. That allowed the teachers to immediately snatch the baby away to secure him from his the father. We gave the newborn to his uncle," said Al Aqbi.