The Wanton Bishops ' unique sound has rejuvenated the sound of blues in the Middle East and since the group's debut in 2013, it has gotten international attention. In early 2014, the Lebanese duo journeyed for the first time to the southern United States, back to where blues was born, in an exclusive documentary produced by Red Bull, titled "Walk it Home," set for release Oct. 29.

Red Bull released three teasers of the documentary Monday. Each webisode shows a different aspect of the road trip, with the Wanton Bishops' leading men Nader Mansour and Eddy Ghoussein delving into the bayou of Lacombe, Louisiana, where they tasted real soul food from "fish whisperer" Mr. Green, then performing at Lawrence Boo Mitchell's renowned studio in Memphis, Tennessee, and finally exploring Jackson, Mississippi, home of blues guitarist Vasti Jackson.

Walk It Home will be released on Red Bull TV .