In a move towards becoming more inclusive, Vodafone Egypt officially launched the E3rafli (Guide me) mobile app for the blind and the visually impaired on Friday.  

The app uses mobile phone cameras and microphones to help identify and read out numbers and colors.


When a mobile phone camera is directed at an item, it simply reads out the information. 

E3rafli is also designed to easily read Vodafone scratch cards and enables automatic credit recharge into user accounts. Its scanning system also reads taxi meters and digital cashier screens. 

Since the launch people have taken to social media to commend Vodafone's move and many are hopeful that it will inspire other companies to create similar initiatives for people who truly need them.

Vodafone released a heartwarming ad on their social media channels to announce the launch.

Respects were in order...

"The best application ever launched in Egypt."  

"Vodafone: professionalism and class."

"A respectable move."


"Thank you Vodafone."

According to the World Health Organization, Egypt has approximately 1 million blind people and 3 million visually impaired. Nearly 60% of the visually impaired in Egypt have cataract, which requires a simple surgical operation to correct.