Online competitions are all over Arab Twitter, but one that went viral in Egypt over the weekend sent people into a complete frenzy.

Launched by Vodafone Egypt, the competition targets engaged couples, calling on them to make videos of Egyptian star Amr Diab's upcoming song "Yet3alemo".

Winners of the contest will have their wedding expenses covered by the telecommunications company. They'll also have Diab serenade them at their celebration ... and that's the news that got everyone's attention.

It all started when Vodafone Egypt launched this video competition

Then Diab confirmed he's in on the game

"It's a great idea and I am in on it! I'll sing at the wedding of the person who wins."

And tweeps completely lost it

"Cry with me." 

People literally went crazy

"If anyone is looking for me, I'll be around looking for a bride."

"Someone marry me real quick"

Everyone in Egypt is getting married now

That's not to say married couples didn't join in on the meltdown

"I already got married. Can't it work on anniversaries?"

Even comedian Mohamed Henedy wanted a piece of the pie

"That's a great idea. Whoever wins will share with me part of the prize."

The competition inspired endless memes

"Can't you wait for me to get married?"

Does the prize have to be a wedding?

"What about those who aren't getting married. Make it a birthday gift instead."