A wedding in Younin, a village in Lebanon's Baalbeck, turned into a bloodbath after a fight erupted during the performance of a folk song at the celebration. 

The violent incident - which took place in the early hours of Sunday - left three people dead and four severely injured. 

The shootings came after the performance of a song that praised the traits of one of the bride's relatives, a man named Taleb Amhaz. According to Al Jadeed News, the brawl ensued while the song was being played.

Another family relative, Taleb Zuaiter, mistakenly thought the praise was being directed at him. But, he was then told the song wasn't dedicated to him. In response, the man and his sons fired shots into the air, leading the singer, Ali Yassin, and his brother, Abbas Yassin, to leave the party. 

As they were exiting the venue, Zuaiter followed the singer and his brother in a bid to resolve the issue. A few minutes later, the fatal shootings took place. 

In the aftermath of the incident, tensions rose in Baalbeck's Sharawneh area, where shells were reportedly fired in the streets. Local news reports revealed that at least three cars and their surroundings were completely destroyed by the shelling. 

The Lebanese Army quickly arrived in the area to handle the situation but were also shot at. 

In a statement issued on Sunday afternoon, the army confirmed that one of their soldiers was wounded as a result. He was later transferred to a nearby hospital. 

People have been left shocked by the incident

Several versions of the incident circulated online. Some claimed the Yassin brothers were shot dead in front of the wedding guests inside the venue. 

As these stories continue to be disputed, many are highlighting the fact that regardless of how the story unfolded, three people lost their lives in a senseless act of violence. 

Hundreds of Lebanese took to Twitter in reaction to the incident, calling on authorities to take strict moves to implement gun control laws in the country. Others noted the fact that Baalbeck has witnessed several similar tragic incidents in the past few years due to the fact that illegal gun ownership is widespread in the city.