Vin Diesel can't get enough of the Middle East and North Africa.

The American actor from the widely popular "Fast and Furious" franchise is in Morocco filming the latest film by Ang Lee, the director of such hit movies as "Life of Pi" and "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon."

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Diesel has posted a few images and a video on his social media accounts, although he hasn't specifically mentioned Morocco, choosing instead to reference Africa as his location. However, Le360 reports that the Saharan backdrop currently being used for filming is in fact Ouarzazate, Morocco.

After a long day of shooting, Diesel made a video of himself revealing an ideal means of transportation in the desert, camels of course.

He also posted a photo of himself drinking some mint tea because, hey, it is Morocco.

Lee and Diesel's latest project is an adaption of "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk," a novel by Ben Fountain. Other actors in the film include Kristen Stewart and Steve Martin. The film is scheduled to be released next year.

The story focuses on Billy Lynn, an American soldier in Bravo Squad, carrying out "heroic" actions in Iraq. Returning to the United States as a hero and sent on tour with his unit by the American government, Lynn begins to reflect on the traumas of war.

Plot-line remind you of any other recent film? Such as " American Sniper "? Let's just hope that Lee's film doesn't paint such an inaccurate and troubling picture of the Arab world.