She captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands with her Tweets from besieged East Aleppo. Now, the 7-year-old Bana AlAbed is out of Aleppo and in Turkey...more specifically in President Tayip Erdogan's lap. 

"Thank you for helping the children of Aleppo and helping us to get out from war," says Bana. 

Erdogan then throws his arms around Bana and her brother and embraces them affectionately. 

To many, Bana AlAbed is the face of a war cloaked by a media blackout. There are no international journalists inside East Aleppo though UN diplomats have compared the besieged area to "a giant graveyard"

Bana gave the world a window into daily life in East Aleppo, and when she finally escaped, the interwebs heaved a sigh of relief. 

Bana's mom, Fatemah offered her two cents