"I think there's great, great future in Dubai."

These were the words of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in a 2014 interview with the BBC, resurfaced by journalist Mark Lobel as a full video this week on YouTube.

Asked about the investment potential in Dubai and why he was personally launching a golf course in the Emirate, Trump lavished praise on the Arab city.

When asked about the market in the U.S. during the 2014 interview, Trump voiced strong criticism of the leadership of President Barack Obama. 

"It has not worked out well for President Obama," says Trump. But he didn't appear to hint at any personal political ambitions. 

He said that that with "the right leader," the U.S. would harness its "tremendous potential."

"I think Dubai is very solid. It's a solid investment now," the billionaire businessmen said.

He also described the city and it's people as "vibrant" and "great.""I have great confidence in Dubai and the people of Dubai," Trump said.

Asked more broadly about the Middle East's investment potential, Trump shared overall confidence.

"I think the Middle East is doing really well. I think Dubai in particular is a place that I like," he said.

"I like the people so much. And I think Dubai is a place that a lot of people are going to be coming to."

Last week, Trump revealed that he he had just turned down a $2 billion deal with Emirati billionaire Hussain Sajawni. The president-elect said he'd made the decision to avoid the appearance of any conflicts of interests as he becomes president.

Trump was actually in Dubai in 2014 to promote his new golf course, which was built in partnership with Sajwani's company, Damac Properties. Since Trump's election, Sajwani has highlighted his family's close ties with the president-elect. 

The two also spent New Year's Eve together in Florida, where Trump gave a special shout-out to his business partner and his family, calling them "beautiful people."

As Trump takes office this week, the world – and of course Dubai – will now look to him, judging to see whether he is that "right leader" he said the U.S. needs.

There may be a lot of uncertainty about Trump's Middle East policy. But at least we know that the new U.S. president see's a "great, great future" for Dubai.