A country that has remained on its feet despite the political turmoil, despite the horrific massacres and despite the dispersion of its people all around the world. 

Palestinian beauty is not just in the faces of the people, but in their souls. 

Starting in the 1910s and ending in the 2010s, a newly released video - produced by WatchCut - highlights the beauty embodied by each decade through history.

1910s: Traditional white veils in Jerusalem

1920s: Experimenting with classic hair-dos

1930s: Black veils and cherry lips

1940s: Vivid, bright colors

1948: A heartbreaking reality

1950s: Short hair, don't care

1960s: Resistance

1970s: Pride in black and white patterns

1980s: Searching for freedom

2000s: Rooting for Palestine

2010s: Boldly beautiful

A walk through the evolution of Palestinian beauty