If you're an Arab who has ever traveled outside the region, you've most probably experienced the excitement that comes with hearing anyone speak your language while you're abroad. 

This excitement is exactly what an Arab man passing through a checkpoint in Sweden experienced when he came across a Swedish security officer who speaks the language fluently.  

A video of the encounter, filmed by the man, went viral after it was shared on Facebook earlier this week. 

And people's reactions to it are not only heartwarming but also pretty hilarious.

"My name is Abu Kevin"

In the video, the Swedish man, who candidly referred to himself as 'Abu Kevin' said that he's married to a Syrian woman. 

He explained that he had picked up the Syrian dialect by watching television series, including Duraid Laham's famous Ghowar Al Toshe

He also showed the Arab man the names of his children, tattooed on his arm in Arabic. 

Abu Kevin... people just can't even

Everyone loves his accent

"And we still haven't learned a word of Swedish"

But why learn Swedish now that there's Abu Kevin?

"We no longer need to learn Swedish" 

Everyone is obsessing over 3ammo Abu Kevin

Watch the full now-viral video here: