The son of a Saudi woman's ex-husband tried to burn down her car in Dammam earlier this week but ended up catching fire himself. 

A video capturing the horrific incident went viral on Saudi Twitter soon after, angering hundreds of Saudis who thought it was another vengeful act against women who are now driving in the kingdom.

However, speaking to OKAZ newspaper, the victim of the attack said that the violence she was subjected to is related to problems with her jilted ex-husband.

"I had doubts that my husband and his family were after me because two cars were previously burned down near my house. One belonged to my father, the other to my uncle. This is why I had CCTV cameras installed outside the place," she said. 

This time, cameras caught the criminal in the act

The woman couldn't file reports against her husband or his son in the previous two cases because she didn't have proof against them. But this time, she immediately went to police with footage captured by her cameras, reporting the incident and filing a complaint against her ex's son.

Authorities have since identified and located the defendant in the case. He is currently being hospitalized for injuries he sustained while trying to burn down the woman's car. Police reassured the victim that he will be charged in the case after he is discharged.

People were shocked by the case

"So if you burn down your ex-wife's car, will that calm the hate and illness inside of you? Disgusting." 

And couldn't even with the young man's actions

"I am so annoyed by him. He's sick! No matter what things have gotten between you two, it doesn't give you the right to get revenge like this. You burned down her car and her father's car. Nothing is more regressive." 

"Narcism and stupidity, some people need to see a psychologist"

"What's with men burning down women's cars!!"

"Such reckless behavior must be stopped. Punish them."

Many raised this point in reaction to the case

Others called on authorities to take strict legal action against the man

"I hope that there'll be a strict law to hold these people accountable." 

"He will be held accountable, this is a country of law"

"And this is what anyone who assaults a national or expat will face."