International superstar Shakira landed in Beirut on Thursday evening, just ahead of her performance on Friday at the Cedar International Festival.

The Colombian singer – whose father is Lebanese – has millions of fans across Lebanon, and she knew exactly how to melt their hearts as she arrived. 

Shakira posted a video to Instagram and Twitter upon landing, sending across a "hello" in Arabic to all her fans. That's not all, she even got her son -Sasha - to join the Arabic greetings.

The cuteness overload definitely grabbed the attention of millions of fans. 


"My heart"

"Marhabtein" soon followed

One word: "Habibi"

"So cute"

"Cutest thing ever"

Many "welcomes" had to be sent

"Welcome to your home country"

"Ahla w Sahla"

Others invited Shakira over for tabbouleh and grilled meats

And then, there were those who advised Shakira to "bring Pique" next time