The first thing you'd probably think of doing during a flood is to run for your life or seek shelter. However, for a few young Saudi men, that didn't seem like a logical thing to do.

Instead, as floods hit several parts of the kingdom, including areas in Al Aflaj governorate earlier this week, a group of Saudi men decided they wanted to take a dip in the flood water.

Videos capturing the moment they started jumping into the rainwater began making the rounds online on Monday and have since gone completely viral.

Because logic?

Several videos capturing the incident are circulating on Twitter

The footage is causing quite the stir online...

Thousands of Saudis are reacting to the footage taken at the scene with anger, deeming the men's behavior reckless and immature.

However, others seem to think the incident is being blown out of proportion.

While some believe the men did nothing wrong

"Maybe they know how to swim, let them have fun." 

Others disagree with that...

"They're insane... God help our civil defense forces." 

"What's this? Collective suicide?"

Many are upset... to say the least

"This is so embarrassing and shows how ignorant and reckless they are." 

"Are there no more swimming pools in the kingdom?!"

Not everyone is taking the footage seriously though

"Ah our country is amazing... there are things to comment on 24/7."

Some are reacting to the incident with humor

"This is considered an entertaining activity in our country." 

"Our kids have gone mad"

"If I worked in civil defense, I wouldn't help them out of there"

"Mafi mo5"

"Brainless human beings."