This week, several videos of a fashion show in Saudi Arabia surfaced online, causing quite a stir among social media users for its bizarre nature.

The organizers of the fashion show put dresses and accessories on display, but in an unusual manner, instead of being presented by models, the gowns hung from drones resembling "ghosts" as they swayed in the air along the runway.

It wasn't immediately clear which Saudi city hosted the fashion show. Still, social media users couldn't help but ridicule the event, referring to it as a "horror ghost film."

"A ghost fashion show"

"You could have gotten mannequins from the store to showcase your clothes"

"A fashion show in Saudi Arabia without any models. A fashion show should include models who walk down the runway in a normal manner. You could have gotten mannequins from the store to showcase your clothes, it would be better than this ghost horror movie, with all due respect to whoever came up with the idea."

"It's not a fashion show, it's a ghost horror film"

"These are the designs of Casper The Friendly Ghost"

"This is what the models looked like"

"When is the Halloween show going to end?"

WATCH: People were referring to it as a "horror ghost film"

Saudi Arabia held its first-ever Arab Fashion Week in 2018

In April, Saudi Arabia hosted its first-ever Arab Fashion Week, an event organized by the Arab Fashion Council (AFC).

The show took place in Riyadh's Ritz-Carlton hotel as a number of models took to the runway to showcase wardrobes by international designers including Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli. 

The ultra-conservative kingdom had a set of guidelines detailing a number of restrictions for the types of clothes exhibited during the show. This included "no cleavage, nothing above the knee and nothing too transparent," according to NPR. Also, the show was a female-only event.