Over the weekend, a Dubai-based motorist lost control of his vehicle and crashed it into a local bank at Burjuman shopping mall, causing moderate injuries to an Asian man, police said on Saturday.

The accident occurred at around 10:50 pm on Thursday night as customers queued to withdraw cash from the ATM of the busy shopping center, according to The National.

"The driver lost control of his vehicle after recklessly driving on the pavement and swerving to his right side. He then crashed into the glass door of the ATM booth," said Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, the head of Dubai Police's media department.

WATCH: Reckless Dubai motorist drives car into bank

Dubai Police later confirmed that the 51-year-old Asian driver wasn't under the influence of any alcohol or drugs but he was rather careless while driving.

"He jumped on the pavement and damaged the glass before crashing the car. A customer in his 30s was inside the bank branch and sustained moderate injuries. It was a minor accident and was not a deliberate one. It was caused by negligence," Lieutenant Colonel Al Qasim told Gulf News.

Police patrols and an ambulance responded to the scene and the injured person, as well as the driver, were transferred to a nearby hospital.

"He wasn't asleep or busy with his phone but it was negligence and he didn't pay attention while driving according to the traffic report. We pulled out the car from the bank and will estimate the damages," Lieutenant Colonel Al Qasim added.

The driver has since been referred to Dubai's Traffic Prosecution to complete the investigation into the matter.

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