A video of a man abusing a woman driver sparked controversy in Saudi Arabia after it went viral on social media earlier this week. 

Filmed by the man himself, the footage saw him pace around the victim's car while filming and yelling "look, see what she's doing!"

The unidentified man also approached the driver's window and tried to film the inside of the vehicle before the woman rolled it up. 

The video comes at a time when women across Saudi Arabia continue to celebrate a historic lift on the kingdom's long-standing women driving ban. 

Even though the ban was lifted earlier last month, authorities have warned women not to drive until it officially takes effect in June 2018. 

Controversy on Twitter

The footage sparked controversy as soon as it started making the rounds online. 

While some criticized the woman for driving before the new decree takes effect, others defended her and attacked the man for abusing her the way he did. 

Many attacked the woman for driving

"It's her fault, she's the one who broke the law by driving before the lift on the women driving ban takes full effect." 

A few thought both the abuser and the victim must be punished

"She went against the law. He invaded her privacy in the most disgusting way... both of them deserve to be punished." 

Others were having none of it...

"Even if they were technically breaking the law, he has no right to film them like this. His behavior is unacceptable." 

And took a stand against the man

"I am against women driving, but that's my personal opinion. To film a woman and abuse her like this for it, is unacceptable. He should be held accountable because she didn't do anything to deserve this."   

"This man has no morals, no manners and no manhood!! When will these people change and learn their limits?"

"Who appointed him as a supervisor on women?"

"I hope he gets punished under the new anti-harassment laws"

"I hope he gets punished under the new anti-harassment laws because he made two unacceptable mistakes. One is approaching her car window the way he did, two, is filming the entire incident." 

"He's acting as if he saw a creature from space, when it's simply a woman driving a car. This regression will end soon"

Saudi women won their right to drive earlier last month

Last month, Saudi Arabia finally lifted a widely-criticised ban on women driving.

The country's highest religious body, the Shura Council approved the new order, which is set to take effect in June 2018. 

The ban officially existed since 1990, and although there was no official prohibition in place, females were simply not issued driving licenses.

The decision was celebrated by millions of Saudi women, who had long fought to win their right to drive. 

However, while the majority of Saudi tweeps hailed the new decree, there were others who created sexist hashtags attacking it.