A video of two female students dabbing right after they received their graduation certificates in a ceremony held in Oman's Al Sultan Qaboos University on Sunday, has gone viral on social media. 

The video sparked a heated debate among online users who deemed the girls' actions "inappropriate." 

The dab - a simple dance in which a person drops their head into the bent crook of a slanted arm while raising the opposite arm in a parallel direction but out straight - has sparked controversy in several countries across the Arab world, as it is seen as a move that promotes drug use.  

The move was first seen in Atlanta rapper Skippa da Flippa's 2014 video "How Fast Can You Count It," going on to become an internet craze. 

It is usually performed by artists, celebrities, and even athletes in countries around the world.

A video of the students making the move went completely viral

The video continues to make the rounds online, with thousands reacting to it via the hashtag: "Wish she hadn't done it."

Many are outraged

"If you have no shame, then do what you please."

Some are calling on authorities to take action

"There's no power or strength but in God. Authorities must take action to put an end to this blatant disregard of Muslim, Omani and traditional values. They must be held accountable." 

A few shared false definitions of what the dab is

"This is a move associated with drug addicts... they blindly copied it"

There were a lot of "Astaghfirullahs"

Not everyone criticized the girls though

"This might be the first positive comment here, but let these girls express their joy."

Many raised this important point

"Now you're all attacking these girls over something they did to express their happiness after graduating, but where does your outrage go when guys do things that are so much worse?"

"I can't believe this is actually trending"

In some Arab countries, dabbing could land you in jail

Earlier in August, young Saudi singer Abdallah Al Shaharani was arrested in Taif, Saudi Arabia after he dabbed during a music contest. 

At the time, a video of Al Shaharani pulling off the move on stage went viral on social media, sparking controversy.