A video of an elderly woman attempting suicide on Monday in Rabat, Morocco, has gone viral.

In the video, the woman, now identified by local media as M.A., is seen climbing up a utility pole where she stayed for two long hours, Morocco World News reported. 

She eventually climbed down after firemen, police and emergency workers arrived at the scene. 

While at the top of the utility pole, the woman was heard crying, "long live the King… live long Mohammed VI… I want my rights… I want my own property back [sic]," according to Morocco World News.

Initial reports failed to identify her motives, but it now appears that she was devastated after members of her family scammed her out of a property she once owned.

People react on social media

After the video went viral, many took to social media, expressing their outrage over the circumstances that may have led to the woman's suicide attempt:

"Such a devastating thing to see. How many similar cases are out there, not only in Morocco, but across the Arab world? Our countries are places where injustice permeates all areas of life." 

"How many women like her live among us?"

"Arabs have collectively lost faith in their leaders who are only concerned with filling up their pockets and back accounts."  

"May God help the poor who have no one else to help them."  

"Our countries are filled with horror."  

Many commended those who rushed to save the woman's life

"It's heartwarming to see that there are people who rushed to help save her life and give her water to drink. There's still good in the world."

Everyone was relieved that she survived

Here's the full video of the incident: