Footage capturing a Saudi man falling off the roof of a car while filming his cousin's wedding parade broke Saudi Twitter earlier this week.

Now identified as Ahmad Khaled Al Motaq, the man sustained minor injuries in the accident and was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

In the video of his now-viral fall, he can be seen hitting the tarmac on a highway and narrowly escaping speeding cars. The clip went viral on the kingdom's Twitter shortly after it was first uploaded to the platform and continues to make the rounds online.

Al Motaq's brother has since spoken out about the incident

Speaking to Sabq, Al Motaq's brother said his sibling escaped death because the driver of the vehicle behind their convoy spotted the accident. In his statement on the incident, he also warned people of taking part in wedding car convoys.

"This accident is a lesson for all of us. I call on my relatives and all nationals to not take part in wedding car parades. They aren't necessary and might put people's lives in danger," he said.

The clip capturing the incident has broken Saudi Twitter

Some people found it funny

And reacted to it with humor

"Me, if I ever decide to become a professional photographer..." 

Others not so much

"The person who filmed the groom is so unfortunate. He should be reimbursed for all the hassle he went through."


Many were concerned for the accident victim

"Oh God, I hope he's well and escaped unharmed." 

And are now relieved he's alive

"Thank God he survived this."