End of year exams can be quite stressful for students, and also teachers who are often given the duty of monitoring test sessions. 

A Kuwaiti educator experienced that first hand earlier this week when he was beaten by a student during an exam session at the country's Haroun Al Rashid secondary school. 

The incident went down after the teacher, who was monitoring the student hall where the test was taking place, caught the student cheating. 

A video capturing the moment the attack took place was uploaded to social media earlier this week and has since gone viral. 

In it, the man can be seen approaching the student to speak to him, before the latter jumps across his desk and knocks him to the ground. 

The student has since been expelled

An official ministerial committee met in the aftermath of the incident and decided to issue an immediate order against the student, Al Rai newspaper reported

In their decision, officials decided to expel the teenager from his current school and ban him from enrolling in any other local educational institution in the future. 

The action against the student comes at a time when Kuwait's Ministry of Education is toughening its regulations on cheating during exams.

The incident divided people on Kuwaiti Twitter...

While some were angered by the student's actions, deeming his behavior violent and unacceptable, others thought he might have had reasons to act the way he did. 

Some also thought the official decision to expel the student from school was too harsh. 

Here's a little of what people said on social media:

Many were outraged over the incident...

"No matter what this educator did, this reaction is shameless." 

"Why are teachers the weakest element in our educational system?!!!"

"A person who knows they won't be punished behaves like this. He must be held accountable for it."

"No matter what a teacher does, they must be respected"

"I respect those older than me and would never assault anyone like this. Let this student's anger benefit him now, he's going to be suspended."

Others spotted this...

"They took this as an opportunity to cheat."

"A failed generation"

Not everyone stood against the student though...

"The teacher must have done something to aggravate him. There's no way he'd just jump on him like that for no reason." 

Some actually defended him...

"It's a shame that you're being unjust towards the student before you actually hear what led him to behave this way. Hear him out like you're willing to hear from his teacher."

And thought the punishment he received was too harsh...

"They have no right to deprive him of registering in all schools, he should just receive a regular punishment."

Watch a full video of the incident below: