Three armed men robbed a branch of Lebanon's Bank Audi on Monday.

The masked thieves made off with some $20,000 from the bank branch located in Hazmieh, a suburb of Beirut. According to local media, the robbery comes in the wake of a series of similar crimes targeting banks in the city's suburbs.

Fleeing the crime scene, the men escaped in a Black Kia Picanto, where a fourth men was reported to be sitting with a Kalashnikov.

Despite the seriousness of the crime, some were quick to point out the extremely calm reaction of the bank's customers. While most of us are familiar with scenes of bank robberies from Hollywood films, where everyone gets on the ground, screaming and crying ... the reaction of the Lebanese customers was the complete opposite.

One woman can be seen calmly leaving the counter and taking a seat, lifting her hands slightly. Another man stands at the counter, calmly fiddling with his papers, while the gunmen interrupt his interaction with the bank teller. Several other men sit in the background, appearing to take little notice of the commotion.

Here's a look at the security footage

On social media, people started making comparisons

Some have speculated that a single criminal is behind the string of recent bank robberies, but the internal security force has dismissed these suggestions, according to The Daily Star.

Why were people so calm?

Typically, when people are afraid, they go into either "fight or flight" mode. But the customers didn't attempt to do either.

According to scientific studies reported by CNN, fear can be overcome by continued exposure to them. So maybe, these Lebanese customers have already seen it all ... and this was just another day in the life?

Or maybe they were terrified, and the video simply hides their reaction.