In an incident that is certainly not the first of its kind in Lebanon, two talk show guests were caught in a fist fight on live television.

During the first episode of TV presenter Rawad Daher's show, "Bel Moubashar" - which launched on OTV on Sunday - Daher hosted former member of the People's Council of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Shalash, and president of the Salafi Eqraa foundation, Sheikh Bilal Daqmaq.

Minutes into the segment, just after Daher introduced his guests, the latter got into a heated dispute when Daqmaq refused to offer his condolences on the murder of Shalash's cousin by the so-called Islamic State (Daesh).

Things quickly got out of hand as the two guests verbally and physically attacked each other.

Shalash's cousin was slaughtered by Daesh on Saturday, one day before the episode was shot. After he introduced the guests, Daher took a moment to offer his condolences to Shalash and thank him for staying in Lebanon and agreeing to go on television despite the tragedy. 

Daher then asked Daqmaq whether he would like to express his condolences. "Well, I offer my condolences to the Syrian people, to everyone who has been killed," Daqmaq replied.

He went on to say, "Whether they were killed by...," before being cut off by Daher who insisted on his question.

Things escalated when Shalash interrupted and said, "He is asking you a specific question, do you want to offer your condolences?" to which Daqmaq replied, "This is none of you business."

The guests then began yelling at each other.

The entire incident is documented in a video shared by OTV.

Shortly thereafter, Shalash got up from his chair while Daqmaq reached for his glass of water and threw it against the former. 

The two got extremely physical, fist fighting and knocking each other to the floor. 

The brawl did not end until Daher and the production team stepped in. 

Afterward, Daqmaq left the studio, while Shalash, whose eye was mildly injured, decided to carry on with the interview. 

"He [Daqmaq] is not a real sheikh," Shalash told Daher. "He is an ignorant man who did not come to speak about politics. He should not be on television."

Shalash went on to note that Daqmaq had raped a woman - a crime Lebanese journalist, Salem Zahran, had previously revealed evidence of. 

He added that Daqmaq has been charged with storing a significant amount of weapons.

Following the episode, Daqmaq shared a video on YouTube commenting on the incident, calling Shalash a "thug" and thanking Daesh for murdering his cousin.

Daqmaq also said that he hopes Syrians return to their country, referring to Shalash and Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, as "garbage".