A grateful employer has once again won over the internet with a kind gesture towards his nanny, who has lived with his family for almost four decades. 

A video of the Emirati man, who chose to remain anonymous, bidding farewell to his Sri Lankan nanny, identified by her first-name Sally, has been making the rounds online. 

When he received news that Sally's husband passed away, the Dubai-based employer decided not to inform her but instead booked her a flight back home.

The man not only expressed kindness and concern for Sally but also invited her to return to his house as a "family member" rather than as domestic help.

"Whenever you need something, I am here to help," the employer told Sally

Khaleej Times reports that the man decided not to tell Sally about her husband's death, fearing the news would devastate her. Instead, he claimed her husband had fallen sick and booked her a flight to go visit him.

In the video shared by Emirates Vision, the man can be seen consoling Sally, who was evidently concerned about her husband's health, and telling her that God's will is supreme.

He is also seen kissing her hand and forehead, repeating that he is ready to help whenever she needed something.

Speaking to Emirates Vision, the employer said Sally had been helping his family for 36 years, treating him and his siblings like her children, as she does not have kids of her own.

He then said he plans to invite her to return to Dubai and live with him as a member of the family, explaining that she deserves nothing less for her outpouring love and kindness.

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A lesson in humanity

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"I know several Emiratis who treat their housemaids like family members"

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"God bless this family"