While attending a National Agenda meeting in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed honored "Diabetes Superheroes" - a group of children who have contributed to spreading awareness on the illness and ways of preventing it.

The ruler of Dubai also put some time aside to give them his advice on the matter.

In a video posted to Instagram by young Emirati social media star and member of "Diabetes Superheroes," Mayed Al Murr, Sheikh Mohammed is seen replying to a question on how to fight diabetes.

"Make sure to stay active, play sports and focus on eating a proper diet," he says.

The video has since gone viral on social media platforms.

Rashid Hussein, Dana Al Jasmi and Alia Ahmad, other members of "Diabetes Superheros," were also honored for their contribution to the cause.

A National Agenda with a vision

At the meeting, several initiatives were launched as part of the UAE 2021 vision, including national identity and community schemes. 

The event also honored many entrepreneurs for their contribution to the UAE. 

The "Executive Teams of the National Agenda" was formed under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammad in October 2016. It comprises some 500 government officials who were given the task to implement 52 national indices.

Their goal is to measure the "UAE's achievements in leadership, happiness, and the welfare of society within six sectors of national priority: healthcare, education, the economy, the environment and infrastructure, society, and security and the judiciary.