If you thought you've seen it all, trust us you haven't. In a recent video, which has reportedly been taken at City Center Slemani Mall in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, a group of humans in costumes took the internet by storm. In it, Spider-Man, Batman, several Stormtroopers, and two dinosaurs took center stage on what seems to be the ground floor of the shopping center. 

The characters can be seen performing dabke, the traditional Levantine folk dance. Batman, in particular, flaunted his impressive dabke skills as he carried out the "wave something high up in the air while dancing" move.

"My favorite one is Batman"

"Batman is fire"

"Never seen Batman and Spiderman this happy"

Infinity War who?

"Everything that appeals to my three sons in 15 seconds"

Kurdish proverbs be like?

"Now make that a movie, Hollywood"

"No idea what this is, but it started my day off with a smile"