It no longer comes as a surprise to see foreign companies market traditional Arab products as some kind of new exotic discovery. But, would you have thought the famous "loofah" would be added to the list? 

Well, media company INSIDER seems to think it has unearthed some new invention in a recent video uploaded to its social media platforms. 

In the caption of the video, the company informs (or believes it is informing) its followers that "loofah sponges can be used for bathing." In reality, Arabs don't know how to bathe without one. 

The video goes on to explain how loofahs are turned into bath sponges.

"Loofah" is actually a centuries-old discovery

Ancient Egyptians were all about personal hygiene ... and when it came to cleaning their bodies, they are said to have used the "loofah" - a long and narrow vegetable belonging to the cucumber family. 

Over time, the "loofah" eventually led to the production of modern-day synthetic sponges ... and the word ultimately made its way into the English language in the 19th century to refer to "bath sponge." 

But, it seems that America only discovered the "loofah" recently ... a bit too late to the party.

Naturally, Arab social media users couldn't accept the claim. Instead, they responded the only way they know how: using sarcasm and humor. 

Here's what they had to say: 

*Laughs in Egyptian*

Confusion struck many people

"White people always acting like they did something new"


"They're probably gonna be [sold] for $8 because it's organic"

Others pointed out the fact that "loofahs" have been in their lives since day one