Footage capturing a brawl that broke out between tens of Saudi men and a few women caused quite the stir on Twitter over the weekend. 

According to Sabq news site, the fight went down at a drifting event that was held in Muhayil's Mattal Al Baladiya resort last Thursday. 

Local media outlets first reported that no sexual harassment took place during the incident. However, several people on social media have since claimed that the women seen beating the men up were reacting to being verbally and physically assaulted.

Footage of the incident flooded Saudi Twitter

In the clip, women can be heard screaming and pleading for help before two are seen running after the group of men, beating them up with shoes.

A man can then be seen hitting back at one of the women, violently shoving her away. Just hours after the incident took place, the video capturing the incident went viral on the kingdom's Twitter, sparking a heated debate among tweeps. 

As usual, some chimed in with sexist, misogynistic remarks, blaming the women for "putting themselves in such a situation".

However, others were having none of that, stating that regardless of whether this was a fight or case of sexual harassment, blaming a victim is never acceptable.

Many reacted with offensive sexist comments

"The 'looseness' of girls has become so disgusting." 

Others attacked the women, even though they admitted to not knowing the case's full details

"We don't know the truth behind what happened here but just the fact that a woman is attending a drifting event means she's shameless. If the man here was the attacker, he does deserve to be beaten though. Unfortunately, the situation has become disgusting and so unusual." 

Some posted misogynistic things like this...

"What does she have to be doing out so late at night?!!"

But many were having absolutely none of it

"A woman would never beat a man except if he deserves it. Today, I was at a mall and three teenage boys kept walking behind me, following me around and laughing. I went into a store that sells dresses hoping they'd lose track of me and that's when I heard one of them loudly saying he wants to go in to 'buy a dress'. They are the ones who are shameless and ill-mannered." 

And thought this was a case of group sexual harassment

"Until when are we going to witness such things??? When will men just focus on themselves and leave women alone? If you see a group of women anywhere, you don't have to go chasing after them, we're so bored of your actions." 

Others highlighted this important point

"She's wearing an abaya (floor-length garment) and full-face veil, all in black and everyone still blamed her while vindicating the men. A trashy, two-faced society that'll stand with those who do wrong. We await the punishment of the ill-mannered men involved in this. Our government can teach them the manners their parents didn't."