A British tourist recently called out - in a rather violent manner - Moroccan traders while visiting an open market in the city of Tangier. She was attempting to save at least one chicken from potentially being slaughtered. 

Though a rare few understood her mindset, her entire approach to the issue sparked immediate backlash on social media. A video of the incident, which has been making the rounds for almost a week now, has invited commentary from people all around the world. 

In it, the British tourist can be seen and heard harassing, insulting, and even biting one Moroccan trader. She even launched herself onto the chicken cage to try and break it open. 

"You can't f**king read," she can be heard screaming in the video. She also called the traders "uneducated." 

In another clip, the tourist can be seen throwing punches at one of the traders. She was eventually detained by people in the market and handed over to the police. 

According to The Independent, police officials at the scene said the unidentified woman was "suffering hysteria." Thus, she was taken to a hospital for treatment rather than being handcuffed.

Despite this, the video of the woman's outrage has received intense criticism on Twitter. Many called her out for demonstrating exactly what "colonialism" and "white privilege" mean. 

"This is so uneducated on her part"

Past, Present, And Future?

"She doesn't seem to realize that these chickens mean income to this man"

"These privileged people would rather free chickens than free the countries they colonize"

"Her ancestors made their living by keeping human beings in cages"

"Start at home, sis"

"Why didn't she just buy all the chickens and carry them home if she cared so much?"

Two Words: "Cultural Terrorists"