1) Check prices on all platforms. Websites will , vary rates, depending on if you are browsing on a mobile device, Windows or a Mac. Search on all platforms to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. 2) Search multiple airports, not just big cities. Whenever you book a flight, there is an airport tax included. Oftentimes, bigger airports like London's Heathrow or Paris' Charles De Gaulle will have higher airport taxes. By widening your search a bit and including airports that are a bit further away, you can avoid those big taxes. However, if you opt for a smaller airport further away, make sure to include the total cost in your price comparisons. If it takes a $70 taxi ride to get into the city center it might not be worth it. 3) Be flexible with your dates. There are many studies on which days are better to fly, but all seem to agree that avoiding weekends is an easy way to snag lower prices. Many travel websites like , Kayak , offer flex date options which is great if you are not on a specific schedule. Travel website , Hopper, even offers a , new Flight Explorer feature, that allows you to search for the cheapest airfare between two locations anytime during the whole year. 4) Set an alert. It can be time consuming to constantly monitor websites, so use tools like , Airfarewatchdog, to scan prices for you. Choose your destination and the amount you want to pay for a flight and they will send you an email when fares go down. Kayak and Hopper offer similar features. 5) Stay destination agnostic. Not tied to particular place? Search websites like , Orbitz , or , Skyscanner , for the best deals to random cities. These sites will offer cheap airfares for specific destinations only. Recommended for those with adventurous spirits. 6) Travel in the off-season. Sharm El-Sheikh in Decemeber? Why not. Traveling to tourist destinations in their slow seasons can help with airfare prices and result in lower accommodation prices, as hotels struggle to fill empty beds. 7) Trick websites. Websites can offer deals for specific IP address, but not for others. So , trick them, and use a VPN to change your location. Try a number of different countries to see where which IP address gives you the best airfare. StepFeeders- any travel hacks you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.