Racism and Islamophobia have been on the rise in the West for quite some time, but even more so since the Syrian war broke out in 2011, leaving behind millions of refugees. 

A Syrian family in the UK has experienced the horrible consequences of narrow-mindedness, with two of its members facing bullying and harassment. 

A 15-year-old boy named Jamal and his 14-year-old sister - not yet identified - are Syrian refugees in England, but barely living a normal life for kids their age. 

On Oct. 25, Jamal was pushed, grabbed by the neck, tackled to the ground, and waterboarded by one of his schoolmates - identified as Bailey Mclaren - at Almondbury Community School, Huddersfield.

Students are seen gathered around as if they anticipated the incident, while a camera follows the attacker closely on his way to physically hurt Jamal - whose hand is broken and in a cast. 

The video garnered over 15 million views on Twitter and thousands of appalled people, who took matters into their own hands. 

Several activists and social media stars shared the video and the story of Jamal and his sister - who was also bullied, at the same school - and launched a GoFundMe campaign - initiated by Mohammed Tahir - to help them. 

In under two days, people donated over $170,000 and still counting. 

"The victim Jamal is a refugee in the UK who has been subject to months of bullying along with his little sister. To the point where his little sister has broken the lenses in her glasses and attempted to cut her own wrists in school toilets," the GoFundMe campaign reads

"Jamal's family are refugees in the UK and they struggle to meet the basic necessities of life. We want to raise money for the family to ease their situation and hopefully they can use the funds to help improve their quality of life and to put a smile on their faces."

According to the Guardian, Jamal's family arrived to Huddersfield two years ago to escape their war-torn country. "They first went to Lebanon, where they lived for six years, and were later given safe passage to Britain by the UN before being resettled in 2016."

The Independent reported that police have interviewed the 16-year-old attacker, who will appear "at Leeds Youth Court" in due time.

Jamal broke his silence after the incident, talking to ITV exclusively, saying:

"I woke up at night and just started crying about this problem. They think I’m different – different from them. I don’t feel safe at school. 

Sometimes I say to my dad: 'I don’t want to go to school any more.' I was just crying and I didn’t do nothing because I respect the school rules," Jamal said, according to the Guardian. 

The Syrian family might be relocated to Oxford, according to Tasnime Akunjee, a solicitor representing the family.

Huddersfield's MP Barry Sheerman spoke out

Huddersfield's MP Barry Sheerman is reportedly helping out both victims and their family. 

In a recent tweet today, he wrote, "Good to be able to discuss Almondbury bullying situation with West Yorkshire Chief Constable & Police Commissioner yesterday in Parliament."

*We cannot share the videos of the attacks, both of Jamal and his sister, due to the case being under investigation. You can find the videos online.