Ahmad Elkhatib and Heba Osman want to change life for Syrian refugee children by providing them with the basic right of an education.

Currently studying medicine in the United States, the duo believe that education is the best gift you can give refugee children.

"Our firm belief is that education is the best opportunity for refugee children to build a better future for themselves and their country."

They have launched a crowdfunding campaign with an aim to raise $5,000, which will go to local Jordanian non-profit organization White Hands. The funds will aid the organization with its project "Al Rahba Children's project," which aims to build a school for the refugees living in Mafraq, Jordan.

The school initially started out in tents that accommodated 400 children. The NGO plans to construct a school that will play host to 650 students over two daily shifts. Elkhatib and Osman hope to raise enough money to support the NGO in building the school and acquiring school essentials including textbooks, food, classroom furniture, etc.

The duo started off with the launch  of the "Letters of Love" campaign, giving supporters the opportunity to send a letter to Syrian refugee children living within the Zaatari refugee camp. That project was inspired after Osman provided medical care for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Afterward, Osman and Elkhatib decided to help a local NGO in providing refugee children in Jordan with an education. Their crowdfunding campaign will run through July 6.