With a career spanning more than four decades and producing more than 100 prominent films, Nour El-Sherif was undeniably one of Egyptian cinema's most prolific actors, as well as one of its most talented.

The cinema icon, who died in August 2015, left behind an incredible film and television legacy that will not be forgotten. In honor of the anniversary of his birth, April 28, we remember El-Sherif's 10 greatest films.

1. Zawgaty We Al-Kalb (My Wife and the Dog) - 1971

In this Egyptian cinema classic, El-Sherif starred opposite iconic Egyptian actress Soad Hosny . The romantic drama, which was selected as the Egyptian entry for the 45th Academy Awards, tells the story of a man whose life becomes consumed by doubt over how faithful his wife is to him.

2. Abnaa' Al-Samt (The Children of silence) - 1974

In one of the greatest films about Egypt's War of Attrition, El-Sherif starred alongside Egyptian cinema icons Ahmed Zaky, Madiha Kamel, Mohamed Sobhy and Mervat Amin. The war drama tells the story of a group of soldiers fighting in Sinai and the lives they left behind in Cairo.

3. Ahl Al-Kema (People on the Top) - 1981

In this societal drama directed by Aly Badrakhan, El-Sherif also starred opposite Hosny. The film, which selected as the Egyptian entry for the 54th Academy Awards, revolves around the Egyptian economy's shift to a capitalist system during the 1970s and the effects it had on society through the story of a thief who gained wealth because of it.

4. Sawaa' El-Otobees (The Bus Driver) - 1982

In what is widely considered one of the greatest films in the history of Egyptian cinema, El-Sherif also starred opposite Mervat Amin. The drama depicts the state of Egyptian society in the post-war era through the story of a young man fighting to save his father's legacy in a climate of apathy.

5. Hadouta Masreya (An Egyptian Story) - 1982

In one Youssef Chahine's greatest films, El-Sherif starred alongside Yousra and Mohamed Mounir. The drama is the second installment in the legendary director's film series in which he depicts his life's story, it revolves around flashbacks the character of the filmmaker has that make him remember his early life.

6. El-A'ar (The Shame) - 1982

In this drama directed by Aly Abdelkhaleq, El-Sherif starred alongside Mahmoud Abel Aziz and Hussein Fahmy. The film tells the story of three brothers whose family is torn after they find out their respected late father was a drug dealer.

7. El-Bahth A'n Sayed Marzouq (The search for Sayed Marzouq) - 1990

In one of prominent Egyptian director Daoud Abdel Sayed's greatest films, El-Sherif starred opposite Aly Hassanein. The thriller tells the story of a young man whose world is turned upside down once he starts looking for information about his mysterious boss in an unusual series of events.

8. Al-Massir (Destiny) - 1997

In another one of Chahine's greatest films, El-Sherif starred opposite Laila Eloui in the role of prominent 12th century Muslim scholar and polymath Ibn Rushd. The historical drama, which was selected as the Egyptian entry for the 70th Academy Awards, revolves around Rushd's life in Andalusia and the intellectual struggles he faced in his time.

9. O'maret Yacoubian (The Yacoubian Building) - 2006

Based on Alaa Al-Aswany's prominent novel of the same name, the film was one of the most commercially successful in the history of Egyptian cinema. In the drama, in which El-Sherif starred alongside Adel Imam, Yousra and Hend Sabry, a metaphorical image of modern Egyptian society is depicted through the overlapping stories of its main characters who in one way or another, are connected to Downtown Cairo's Yacoubian Building.

10. Betawqeet Al-Qahira (Cairo Time) - 2014

In his last film, El-Sherif reunited with Mervat Amin to give one of his most acclaimed performances. The drama revolves around the separate stories of six characters who are all simultaneously on a quest to find something significant in their lives during one day in Cairo.