The United Arab Emirates has released an animated video highlighting the 4.3 billion AED ($403.7 million) in foreign aid the country has contributed to war-torn Yemen between April 2015 and July 2016.

In the video, shared by Emirates News Agency, a young Yemeni boy attempts to draw a happy child with chalk on the wall of a bombed out building.


As the boy completes the stick drawing, a thunderstorm begins and rain starts to wash away his creation. Frustrated, he battles the rain as he tries to redraw the smiling stick figure.


But help is on the way. An man wearing traditional Emirati garb emblazoned with the nation's flag approaches the boy with an umbrella, shielding him and his drawing from the rainfall.


Smiling at each other, the man and the boy walk through the bombed-out city as the rain stops and the world rebuilds around them in vivid rainbow colors, restoring everything to perfection.


The video details how the aid has been distributed, including $218 million for energy generation and supply...


$123.3 million for government and civil society...


$57.2 million for health...


$43.6 million for education...


and $36.5 million for infrastructure and development.


The video concludes with a message of unity.


"The UAE was in the forefront of countries who hurried to send relief and assist Yemen to ride over the current crisis, support its stability and unity, and stand with its people by providing all forms of assistance needed to realize and fulfill the aspirations of Yemeni people for building, development and stability," Reem Al Hashimy said, according to The National .

The UAE was part of the Saudi-led coalition of Arab states, supported by the United States and the United Kingdom, that carried out a series of airstrikes in Yemen from March 2015 until June 2016, targeting the Houthi insurgency against the Yemeni government.

Human Rights Watch and other humanitarian organizations heavily criticized the coalition airstrikes and the Houthi insurgency, accusing both parties of carrying out indiscriminate attacks that left many civilians dead.

"Dozens of coalition airstrikes were indiscriminate, violating the laws of war and killing and wounding thousands of civilians. The coalition also used cluster munitions, banned by international treaty. Houthi forces also committed serious laws-of-war violations by firing indiscriminate rockets into southern cities and Saudi Arabia, killing dozens of civilians," a report from HRW said .