Emirati fashion designer Lamya Abedin  showcased her work at the second edition of Arab Fashion Week  in Dubai, held between March 16-19 at the St. Regis Hotel.

Abedin is a self-taught Emirati designer who made her way into the fashion world with nothing but trial, error and perseverance all wrapped up in her passion. It all started in 2008 while searching for a special abaya for herself in Dubai. She realized that none of the already existing abayas appealed to her. That's when she created her own line of abayas which later expanded into a full fledged brand called Queen of Spades . Having lived most of her life outside of the UAE, she took advantage of her exposure to various cultures and folklore, creating something unique in the fashion industry by blending the cultures into her designs.

Her 'True Love' collection debuted at Arab Fashion Week and it's beautiful!

There's more! Here's a peak into some of Abedin's work:

Arab Fashion Week is the official fashion week in Dubai and across the Arab world, representing 22 Arab countries. Organized by the Arab Fashion Council, it is one of the world's highest profile fashion events to take place. With designers hailing from all over the region including Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Palestine, and Morocco, it is surely an event not to be missed.