Source: The National

In 2016, a Jordanian national living in the UAE raped and killed an 8-year-old boy. Now, he's been executed. 

On Thursday, 48-year-old Jordanian national Nidal Eisa Abdullah was "taken from his confinement at Dubai Central Jail, where he had been waiting for the rulers' approval to have the death executed, and a special execution team carried out the sentence," according to Gulf News.

"Justice has been served and the ruling was carried out," a chief prosecutor told Gulf News.

In May 2016, Abdullah was found guilty of sexually assaulting and raping Obaida Ibrahim al-Aqrabawi, an 8-year-old Jordanian boy who disappeared from his home in Sharjah. Police discovered his body in Al Warqa area in Dubai two days after he went missing. 

Abdullah has been in prison since. In February, Dubai's Cassation Court rejected an appeal presented by the convict, upholding the capital punishment ruling given by the two lower courts. 

As per Article 67 of the UAE Federal Penal Code, a death penalty ruling must be approved by the emirate's ruler and the president of the country before it can be carried out. The official method of execution is firing squad.

Obaida's father was present at the execution

Ibrahim Al Aqrabawi, the father of the 8-year-old was present at the execution, alongside two of Obaida's uncles. 

Aqrabawi told The National that Abdullah asked for forgiveness moments before his death, something he refused to give him. 

"The fire inside our chests is now cooler. We were comforted by many high ranking officials who confirmed to us that justice would be served and today it most certainly was," the father said. 

The execution was carried out by gun. Aqrabawi said three bullets were shot into Abdullah's chest but failed to kill him. This was followed by another shot to the head before the doctor declared him dead.

In June 2016, the Jordanian man admitted to the charges being held against him, which include threats and physical abuse, rape and premeditated murder, drinking alcohol and driving under the influence of alcohol. 

"It happened," he told the judges at Dubai Criminal Court at the time. He also admitted to drinking alcohol and driving under the influence.

"Did you rape him in the back seat of your car?" the judge asked.

"Yes, they say it happened but I was in a sort of a coma. I don’t recall. I was intoxicated," Abdullah said. 

But, Abdullah denied kidnapping Obaida. 

"It’s not true, he often went out with me."